Emergency Preparedness You Can Do As a Family 

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Families should work together to prepare for emergency situations that are likely to occur where they live. A family living in a forest area may have wildfire risks. Families living in suburban areas close to rail lines where chemicals are transported have a different set of risks. Southern coastal families deal with tropical storms and hurricanes every year while families at northern latitudes may have to contend with heavy snows.

Many families living in areas that have specific risks have at least Read the rest of this entry »

How the Red Cross Can Help in Your Area 

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A longstanding player in the humanitarian aid field, the Red Cross offers a variety of services. While the organization spans across borders and is active in many countries around the world. the American Red Cross also offers an extensive list of services domestically.

Blood Donation

Perhaps one of its most popular services in the United States is the Red Cross blood bank. In the interest of maintaining a supply of screened blood that is available to patients who receive Read the rest of this entry »

Emergency Preparedness Checklist for Your Home 

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People that live in areas that are prone to natural disasters need to have a solid emergency plan. Hurricanes, tropical storms, tornadoes and other extreme weather patterns can cause massive destruction to large communities. Homeowners need be prepared for flooding and major structural damage of a home. In fact, strong winds can tear down an entire home.

It is important for homeowners to have an evacuation plan. People need to know where local community shelters are located. Pack your car with essential items and Read the rest of this entry »

Disaster Relief in Your Area: How You Can Help 

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Looking for ways to help after a disaster in your area? Volunteers are the backbone of a recovery effort and finding the right place to plug in is essential, as people come from all over to assist. It would be pure chaos if they are not affiliated with a group. Just remember to find a group to volunteer with and be prepared mentally to assist. This is because the people you will be helping, and the devastation and destruction from the Read the rest of this entry »

Services Offered by the Red Cross 

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The Red Cross has become a world famous organization that provides assistance to people in need all over the globe. During natural disasters and other emergency situations such as war, the Red Cross moves in and helps a community that is in need. For example, hurricane victims receive immediate assistance from the Red Cross. This organization moves in with essential supplies and services. For example, Home Security Town, the Red Cross brings food to people who have lost their homes because of severe weather damage. Victims can enjoy hot food during the winter and plenty of bottled drinking water. Additionally, the Red Cross supplies important items like over the counter medication, clothing, toiletries and other daily things.

Mobile internet hot spots allow hurricane victims to communicate with relatives and other people thanks to the Red Cross. Of course, cell phone charging stations and portable phone booths are also set up for important communication access for hurricane victims.

The Red Cross also provides shelter assistance for people who have lost their homes in severe weather. Local shelters have beds set up by the Red Cross. These shelters are climate controlled and offer comfortable roofs over the heads of needy victims of harsh natural disasters.The information party rocks on: Even the Red Cross Uses Social Media During Natural Disasters: Infographic